Oral History work

In addition to creating fine art, I also create community narratives through my sole proprietorship called Narrability. Narrability’s community narrative branch foster’s community building through storytelling and supports collaboration efforts for sustainability.

As a teacher for over a decade, I taught at the collegiate and high school levels in English and social justice subject matters, integrating oral history education programs into my courses classes and on immersion trips. I am on the Education Committee for the Oral History Association and on the Educational Advisory Board for Voice of Witness. I earned my Bachelor’s of Art degree in Human Communication, and her Master’s of Art degree in English Literature.

My oral history works have all been in volunteer efforts to build community and highlight important stories that feature local issues. I have worked with local fisherman concerning Chinook salmon about sustainability and accessibility issues. I have worked with organic farmers in capturing stories of origin in pioneering efforts in the organics movement.

I continue to look for ways to produce oral history myself, but also seek new ways to teach oral history skills and production techniques to my community. Please contact me if you would like to brainstorm a workshop, class, or would like to start a project.