Narrability creates comprehensive oral history projects from concept to completion of deliverables, suited for the specific needs of clients.  To create the projects, Narrability offers both the service of conducting oral histories, and producing unique narrative deliverable products. 

Services include project preparation and interviews:

    Project preparation:

  • Project focus and vision determined by the stakeholders
  • Determination of focus, research, and preparation for interviews
  • Comprehensive project design
  • Development of letters and contractual agreements
  • Research of narrators, historical archives, and current context aligned with the project vision

    Interview services:

  • Complete formal oral history interviews
  • Creation of digital compressed files of audio/video of the interviews 
  • Compilation of oral histories into cohesive archival files 
  • Follow up interviews of narrators
  • Collection of materials and professional footage to integrate into the final project (i.e. historical photographs, video footage)

Products include a variety of narrative deliverables from which to choose:  

  • Full transcripts of the oral history interviews
  • Complete digital audio and/or video files of the oral history interviews
  • Short edited videos of oral history interviews with footage of historical photographs and interviews
  • Montages of edited clips from the oral history interviews, focused by theme
  • Printed or digital short literary compilations of interviews with photographs, timelines, and historical resources
  • Website exhibition that features photography/art that can be mixed with oral history excerpts
  • Digital archives, which include full transcripts and audio/video synchronization
  • Digital archives which include multimedia options with interactive historical references embedded into the transcripts or the video file 
  • Digital index archive with searchable index without the need for transcription
  • Website resource that works as an interactive regional archive
  • Podcast which feature tightly edited narratives organized by theme 
  • Public exhibition/installation with interactive audio/video and artifacts